Monday, October 6, 2008

Chicken Little Headed for the Fryer

Many people are uptight and worried about the economy. As we sit in a state of worry about our 401Ks,IRAs, the credit crisis, and the job market, etc. Let me just say we live in the greatest country in the world. We live in a cyclical economy. We have a financial market that is more skittish than a herd of deer. I think people need to take a deep breath and relax. Now, once you've relaxed it's time for each of you to take action. People who moan and groan about why didn't someone do something really have no merit if they themselves didn't take action. We have a government that was established by the people, for the people. Well people, it's time for you to ask for accountability. Stop believing tainted, one-sided, media sources. If you haven't realized or want to deny it our media is biased and are not giving you full stories and truths.

If you are voting for Obama then make sure your beliefs line up with his. If what he proposes and supports is what you want for you and your family then I say vote for him. If you believe in the following:

a) Universal Health Care System. If you wish for the government to tell you what doctor you can see, what surgery you can have, and when you can have it then Obama is your man. If you think this is a great plan then talk to a Canadian.

b) If you want entitlement programs like free cell phones for welfare recipients, increase benefits for increased number of dependants, social security payments to illegal aliens, etc. then vote for Obama.

c) If you believe that Business owners should be taxed more and tax cuts should be given to lower income people then Obama is your guy. You are Ok with taxing the businesses who provide incomes to the majority of citizens. By locking up profits in taxes, resources are reduced, less people are hired, new technology is decreased, and moving business/production to foreign countries become more attractive then vote Obama.

d) If you are Ok with Obamas association with domestic terrorists, his passive and sympathetic stance to a foreign leader who openly expresses his desire to destroy, as he refers to them as Zionist Pigs, Israel. One of our Allies. Then Vote Obama.

No matter who is voted into office neither is going to solve the current problems overnight. We can only move forward and work towards a plan to fix the problems plaguing our nation and economy. Somehow people have this mentality that the Republican party is for the Rich, Democratic party is for the poor. That is far from the truth. Yes, I align myself more with the Republican party for these few reasons. They support less government involvement in the lives of Americans, they support a Free Market Place which promotes better technology, everyone has the opportunity to prosper, and growth of our economy. If you don't think that is true. Take any 10 year period of the market and show me one that hasn't grown. Stop looking at hiccups and short term analysis. Long Term our economy and financial markets grow. Just look at countries that are socialistic and communistic. Their economies are sluggish, their people are in poverty, and they are not growing.

Now, what has me mad is both Democrats and Republicans are not representing the people. We the people who have elected them. Moving forward, no matter who ends up in the oval office there needs to be accountability. Accountability to put pressure on Congress to get the hands of Wall Street, Lobby Groups, etc. out of their pockets, stricter oversight of financial institutions, harsher penalties for those who put the nations economy in risk, stricter guidelines for mortgages, and most importantly working towards a balanced budget. If any business or individual ran their business or home like our government they'd be bankrupt. The same needs to apply to our government. We need to get healthy again!

Now, Here is a plan my old buddy Dave Ramsey came up with and I totally agree with:
Dave Ramsey Website
Here is Dave's Plan;

1) Pray for your leaders:
Pray for them to resist a spirit of FEAR and to embrace WISDOM. Even if you don't like them or agree with them, pray for them and tell them you are praying for them. There is a spirit over this problem that must be broken. Also, most of the media personalities are afraid as well and that is affecting their reporting. Pray for fear to be removed from them; they are making this worse.

2. Send the Common Sense Fix to your State Representatives
Send The Common Sense Fix to your Representatives and Senators and tell them how you expect them to vote, and that if they put this nation in $700 billion of debt, that you will vote them out. It's their job to listen to us! (Whichever presidential candidate or political party that champions this plan from their leadership down will likely become the next president. That is because this plan fixes the crisis while going along with the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.)

3. Send the Link to Everyone You Know
Send a link to this page to everyone in your address book and tell them to urgently follow these 3 steps TODAY. The more people we have supporting this and contacting their elected leaders, the more likely we can turn our economy around!

Now, we all know the plan was passed. However, It's still not too late to express your disapproval for the plan. It needs to be revised.

It will get better. The way it gets better is start voicing your opinion to your local and state reps. If our Congressmen/ladies think they can operate according to their views, personal benefit, and gain they will do so. We must keep everyone in check. Don't just do this in the bad times. Always check up on what your Senators, House Reps are up to in Congress. You might say this is boring, not my thing, or it doesn't affect me then think again. Get involved, take action, but most importantly get informed. We risk each day that we will move closer to a socialist society. Historically, countries that have fallen to fascism, communism, and socialism never happened overnight. It came about out of systematic, slow, propaganda of evil dictators. Don't think the US media doesn't have the capability to influence you to believe lies and cover up truth. Stand up for your beliefs and support those who line up with them.

Come November it's up to you. Go Vote!

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