Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, it took some action on my part to change a "I should, I wish I , I'll look into that" into I'm going to do it. Early on when it was announced that the Vice President debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden was being held here in St. Louis I did inquire about getting tickets to the debate. Unfortunately, the majority of the tickets were in a lottery for the Wash U students. Very few were available to outsiders. Well, I heard some rumblings and rumors that there was going to be a Palin Debate Watch Party at a arena at St. Louis University. When I heard about it I figured it was going to be tough to get tickets to that event. In typical fashion I waited to the last minute to find out if tickets were available. It wasn't an easy task to find out about tickets. I started to think my suspicions were true in that it was closed off only to a select few. But, anyone who knows me and when I'm determined to find out about something I don't rest. I spent some time searching and I finally found it. Well, I found information on where you can get tickets. Luck would have it there was a McCain/Palin Campaign office two miles from my work. So, at lunch I drove over there to see about getting tickets. Well, I walk in the door and it's jammed. Two ladies in front of me were asking for tickets. I hear the guy say, well, I only have two tickets left. I was like,"DARN!". I actually thought worse but I'll keep it clean. Then my excitement level rose again when a lady walked in the door holding a ticket and wanting to return it because she can't attend the rally. Wooo hooo! I thought. Then the guy behind the counter goes, "Wow, you rank!" I'm clueless to what he means. He goes, "That's a VIP Ticket". Before I could respond a lady behind the counter goes, "OH, you can't have that one. That's a special ticket!". I was like OH! but before I could respond the guy goes, I do have another ticket. Here, you can have this one. So, I am going to the Republican Watch Party Tonight and I will report on it tomorrow! Sarah Palin is going to make an appereance at the rally after the debate. Wish me luck in maybe getting to meet her. I am very excited.


Dawn said...

Yay! How exciting! Walter & I saw John McCain early on in the campaign in Baton Rouge. Very exciting!

Dawn said...

I have an award for you on my blog:-)